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Livejournal over.

So I doubt I have any readers left of this blog. I think I am done here. I post in various LJ communities... but as for my personal journal... I'm just not into it anymore.

I still check my friends page so I can keep up with you all.

I am on Facebook... much easier for me to keep up with things.

Peace out!

Tiddy Bear

I was saying to myself the other day, 'what can I post on my livejournal, with my other blog and facebook, I don't have much left to post on livejournal'... well that problem is solved.

I can't tell if this product is a joke, it has to be right?

A toast! Cheers!

I am imagining making a giant vat of this cocktail and toasting with all of you!

Obama Mama
1/2 ounce organic dark rum
1/2 ounce coconut rum or coconut liqueur
1/4 ounce coffee liqueur
2 ounces organic pineapple

*source (my amazon blog)

I should be in bed.

You'd think with the daylight saving thing I'd be going to bed earlier... but nope.

Here's what's happening with in my world.
~ Poor West isn't quite adjusting to the time change.
~ We were all sickies last week and over the weekend. Sucks.
~ My mom is voting for Obama. I am shocked and proud at the same time. And she lives in Missouri. If she is voting for Obama, then maybe he will win.
~ I keep changing the furniture layout of our living room. John is getting sick of me doing that. We just need to get a feng shui expert in to help us.
~ I am watching a lot of HGTV lately.
~ It is the rainy season now in Portland. We had a great stretch of nice weather though. Thank you weather gods.
~ West sits on and sometimes uses the potty several times a day.And now some picsCollapse )And now some picsCollapse )

Roller Coaster

It has been awhile since I posted. Things have been CRAZY busy here. We found a house we LOVED put an offer on it before our house was ready to be on the market. Which was a problem because we made the offer contingent on the sale of our house. So we had less than a week to get our house ready to sell. Then John gets the news that he has to go out of town for work for a week right in the middle of all the house craziness.

The people accept our offer but they made it bump-able if someone else made on non-contingent offer. Well wouldn't you know it. Someone made a non-contingent offer. We had 24 hours to decide to make our offer non-contingent. Meaning we could easily get stuck with two mortgages if our house didn't sell. Scary. But we decide to go for it.

Then we get the home inspected. There were some big things wrong, but nothing too crazy. Things you'd expect on a 50 year old house. John starts freaking out. The stock market is sucking. Our 401k's and investments are losing money and there aren't a lot of buyers biting at our house.

At 9 pm last night we send the paper work in the terminate our offer (we had a midnight deadline). We are officially staying at our house. We are going to spend some money sprucing up the place and remodeling the basement. But both John and I feel so much better. Lighter.

In other news, West got his first teeth. They are so cute. He is so much fun right now. He is so playful and happy. I am so in love with my baby.